Encrypt HTML Pro

Encrypt HTML Pro 3.4

Encrypt HTML files, protect your web pages from unauthorized copy

Encrypt HTML Pro is software for encrypting (and so protecting) HTML web pages in a very simple and guided manner. It works with JavaScript capable browser (most), and it doesn't require additional software or plugin.

There's no limit in page size. The protected page will be (maximum) 10% bigger than original.

Step by step, the application guides the user to accomplish the protection of the HTML code by encrypting that code in a very safe way.

The program can protect all the HTML code or the parts of it that user decides: entire page, body part, links, scripts, or a user selected part of the HTML code.

Also, the application offers the possibility of disabling right mouse operation, images copies, page printing, text selections, scripts, links shown in the status bar, drag and drop, Adobe Acrobat web captures, etc. to insure that nobody can take advantage of something created by the user.

It prevents spam robots from extracting email addresses out of the user web pages.

All the protected pages will offer the same appearence as the original HTML pages.

Encryption or recuperation is a very simple task:

In Step 1, the user selects a web site or page, then another, and so on until a list is created. Then user can go along with protection, selecting the option of creating backup copies, or recover the selected files, previously encrypted, from saved backups.

In Step 2, there's a selection to be made for the encryption mode to be used.

Step 3 shows the HTML file properties to be selected and encrypted.

Next step, step 4, ask the user to set HTML file properties to add to the existing file.

User can always come back to previous steps and correct whatever it's necessary to match the desired encryption process.

Once all the selections are made, the user can press the "Protect" button to finish the complete action. At this step, there are two buttons to check the final result: Test the page and View Source.

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